Monday, April 9, 2012

Batman Arkham City

Well Best Buy had the game for $30 and my wife said don't pass up on the deal.  So I got an Easter present for myself.

The game is just as good as the last one.  Definitely seems like the world is a lot bigger.  The side quests are going to eat up some time along with upgrading everything.

Already noticed the one thing I can't do, just like the last game.  Combo punches.  I suck at it in this game.  Got lucky to finish the last one to 1K.  I might not ever finish this one as I'm just going to care enough to do it.

One good thing about buying it as a new game, I got the catwoman dlc for free as it's with the game.  Yea for saving some money on that.

The characters look good and enjoying the new ones showing up.

The game is going to be long and I'll be wrapped up playing it for a while along with all the other games I have that I'm playing right now as well.  At least to beat it and finish all the achievements I can to get it close to 100%.