Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lego Harry Potter Years 5 — 7

Out of the blue my kids got into wanting to play this game again and with me.   So we finally finished the story and can start unlocking everything.

Well now I've gotten back into and you can tell.   Went from around 28% of the game complete to stopping right at 80% last night.  Talk about unlocking all I can.

Some places still have me baffled in Hogwarts.   Still have a few places yet to go as well.   Trying to find all the red bricks without a guide. 

It's definitely an enjoyable game and just slightly better than the first one.  
I still have to go through all the stories again to find everything in them to get to 100% but that can be done with the kids as they enjoy that more than just running around Hogwarts.