Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GOW3 Spotting Exp Update

So a few days ago I talked to Fafhrdd and Hotdog on the Hori controller and what it was doing.  I got some good suggestions for trying to get it to not do it.  However, it is a known issue with the controllers so eventually it might just always do it.

So the tips I got were to put your ghost up against a wall and it will keep it from moving right as there is a wall to stop it from moving.  The other tip was the analog stick speed.  I had it all the way down but moving it up to high.  Then lowering it back down helps keep it from moving as well.  That one might not always work though.  Was a temp fix for Fafhrdd when he did it.  Said it didn't last long.  The last tip was to put it on the ground and not leave it up in the air as I had been leaving it up in the air.

So while on Checkout, where the steps dip down, if you're looking out from the back wall, I was putting my guy in the left corner.  So I switched up walls and went to the other side.  I took my ghost character and put him semi close to the corner, on the ground and had the wall to my right.  Since my controller was pulling right, seemed the ideal thing to do.

I've ran it 4 times doing the tips above and it's working.  I did have an issue on the 3rd try.  It might have been me when I grabbed the controller or it did it towards the end of the night.  What happened was, it was looking straight up in the air.  When I finished the match and went out, I still got all the experience I was expecting to get.  The 4th try last night went just fine without no issues.

So I'm up to level 91 so 1 or 2 more times will net me level 100 so I can re-up for the first time and then I get to do it all over again to re-up and 2nd time.