Thursday, February 23, 2012

Samsung TV Having Issues

Well about 4 days ago my TV started clicking when I cut it on in the morning.   It eventually cut on but a TV shouldn't do that.

So I decided I'd research it online.   How about all Samsung TVs have the same issue.   After reading more into it, there are 3 capacitors that were put into the TV on a 12 or 15 volt charge that is needed.  In time the clicking on and off will take longer to cut the TV on and will eventually go out.  

Since its a huge issue Samsung will actually repair it for free.  Better them send a professional than me taking the TV apart to do it myself.   I've only soldered once before and I did it fix a Philips DVD player with the same type issue.   That DVD player worked better than it ever had.

So setting here typing this out as the guy is here currently fixing TV.   So ill have more years to come from my TV.