Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse Never Die Alone

Last Saturday I actually got the 4 player co-op achievement for running through the entire game online with 3 other peeps.   One guy was having router issues and got disconnected 3 times before he gave up trying.   Brought in the 5th person we had as a backup and flew through the game without issue.

The previous Saturday nobody showed up that signed up to play outside of the host and a me.   Leave reviews for no show and frown smiley.   Of course I get a private message from someone whining that I gave them a bad review when he posted he couldn't make it.   Well his post was not showing on TA all the way up to start time.   Even if he did do it 30 mins before the start time.   So he leaves a whiney brat review on me before I ever reply and fix it.   I should have left it for the way he acted.   He removed his comment and left it blank with no comments after I had fixed mine.  

The other guy gave me a bad review with "... " as the comment.   He was playing Halo online and wouldn't come over.   I shouldn't get a bad review because he didn't show up.

Oh well,  don't really care but people are complete idiots sometimes and I think the host should control the reviews.