Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Xbox 360 Wireless N Adapter

Finally broke down and got a Wireless N adapter for my 360.  Just like the other one, very simple to install and the 360 picked it up right up.

Played Horde on GOW3 last night with it to test it out.  Normally I get some lag or I get delayed at one point while playing on the older 3G adapter.  I didn't run into any of that last night.  Makes me wonder if it is the new adapter with the faster speeds or just luck.  Will see as I continue playing different games online with it. 

It'll be a really good test when the 3G speed on my router drops offline.  Which is another reason I wanted the N adapter as my iPad 2 stays online and works on the N side of the house where all the other devices on G lose connection.  From what I've found so far on that, having 5 or more devices seems to mess it up.  Also, connecting our cell phones to it seem to make it crash extremely fast.  I'm not sure why but it does.

So now that the 360 is off the G and on the N.  Will see if Hulu hits any bad spots where it tries to keep loading over and over again.  Hopefully it'll smooth it all out and make everything work even better on my network.