Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pinball FX2

While I've taken a little break from playing this some, some friends have come in and beat my high scores I had on some tables.  I've been playing more and more Pinball FX2 to try beat some friends and to get achievements.  So far, outside of the new Plants Vs Zombies table (which is really good), I haven't gotten much of anything.

I did however break 100 million on my first table ever on a Pinball FX2 table.  I got it on the new Hulk table that came out with the Avengers tables.  I got 130M.  I was so excited then it went away a little when I realized my friend The Dren had 155M.  I'll definitely have to revisit that table again soon to try to get up past that score.

Right now I've actually gotten hooked on Thor's table.  I've actually gotten to where I can beat Loki in the brother challenge pretty easy now.  However, the achievement for beaking Loki doesn't unlock.  Since it's a 30 point achievement, I'm going to assume that's Wizard mode when you beat all the challenges and then have to beat again or something.  No idea but I'll look it up later to see for myself as now I'm curious.

So now that I've gotten him figured out, I've been trying to figure out the next challenges.  I've been hitting them all but last night I focused on trying to beat the armor.  Finally figured out what I need to do and beat it.  So with 2 challenges beat, and before I lost my last 2 balls, I got up to 46 million on the table.  Only got me up to 5th amoung my friends though.  What sucks is I got up to 43 million on 1 ball.  Then last 2 just dropped down the middle with no chance of hitting it.  I swear the tables are rigged to make you lose sometimes.

I'm still wanting to go back to the Plants vs Zombies table again too.  Just to play, unlock and find all the stuff the table has to offer.  It was just fun to play and see all the different parts of the game with how they built it into the pinball table.