Monday, July 23, 2012

iPad 3

Well, I officially own an iPad 3 now.  It'll be my wife's but I do have one so I can see how much difference there really is besides just reading on it.

The best part is I got it for $150 but that's on top of the iPad 2 that was messing up.

My wife's iPad 2 hasn't worked quite right since we've gotten it.  It has major issues on connecting to a network and then keeping the connection.  Sometimes it just wouldn't connect at all.  Didn't have if we turned it off, hard reset it, or whatever else we found to do online.  It strictly had a network hardware issue.

With in the past couple weeks, the button wouldn't actually work either.  It just wouldn't take a click and being stuck in an app with no way out of it is no good.

So took it to Best Buy yesterday as we have the warrenty on it.  Talked to them and they can't send it off to repair because the iPad 2 32 gig model isn't made any more.  So it's a scrap and you have to get a new one.  Here is the better part, since it's actually a manufacture issue and not any issue caused by us, we got to keep the warrenty without having to pay for it again.  That made my day. 

Of course since we bought the iPad 2 back in Feb, they already took off some of that deduction for the time frame of it not being new anymore.  So that added another $20 onto my bill.  I can't really complain though, with only having to pay the $100 to get the newer version of the iPad, I got to keep my warrenty, plus the warrenty does start over being a new product, and having to pay for the oldness or whatever they call it for the depreciation value of the product.  I can't complain paying $150 and walking out with a brand new iPad 3.

I got everything setup on it for my wife yesterday, so all is back to normal for her.