Thursday, June 24, 2010

Picross 3D

The first Picross game was a blast to play and the new Picross 3D doesn't disappoint. Instead of looking down and trying to figure out a flat picture, you now chip away at blocks to create objects. You can basically say you're creating a sculpture but it's all squares. They do a good job of making the blocks resemble the real deal so you know what you created. Make sure to watch all the animations after you finish them as some are funny to watch. Others are a quick bore and you'll know to just click and go onto the next.

The game does give you a range from easy to hard difficulities on the puzzles. wouldn't be a challenge otherwise right? I only ever really got stuck on one puzzle that just kept getting me. That's the very last puzzle you'll do in the entire game. Which is puzzle 369. Yep, 369 puzzles to complete the game if you plan to do every puzzle in the game. So it will take you some time to finish it. Now that's not to say I didn't have to redo a bunch puzzles to get it finished. So expect to try a few times on quite a few to get through the puzzle.

As you're going through you will keep unlocking levels per easy, normal and hard. In between those you will run across Timed Challenges, Construction challenges, and One-Chance Challenges.
  • The Timed Challeges gives you a short amount of time but after you knock away and mark so much, you get more time. If you don't finish before you hit the red section, you'll lose.
  • The Construction Challenges are a bunch of puzzles you'll finish and when all are done, it puts them all together to create something. Which is kinda neat to see.
  • The One-Chance Challenges means you can't miss anything. You break a block that should not be broken, you lose and have to start over.
They add a nice little aspect to the game outside of just finishing the puzzles. After you finish the Tutorial or maybe it's the Easy mode puzzles, you'll unlock a Random mode. That lets you pick a range of what you want to do and it just randomly picks a puzzle for you to work on that you've already finished before.

You can actually build your own puzzles if you want. It takes a little bit to get use to working it but you'll figure it out and be moving right along making your own puzzles.

You can also hook up via DS communication and wi-fi for some more action. You can recieve and send your puzzles via the DS communication. Plus send the demo of the game to another DS. I didn't really explore the wi-fi portion that much. You can download more puzzles and upload your own puzzles you created. They host challenges for you to create puzzles according to themes they pick to see who can come up with the best idea. Kinda like the Mii creater on the Wii for people that they do now. That's about it for the wi-fi section. Sorry for not really digging more into it but I just wanted to finish the puzzles since I enjoyed the first one so much.

If you like puzzle type games and enjoyed the first Picross game. You're going to love Picross 3D and it's a must buy.