Friday, July 30, 2010

Did you know Hamsters can have strokes?

I didn't but my wife found out they could. Didn't have any clue that is what was wrong with out hamster.

About a week ago, something happened and my daughter was crying all day because she thought our hamster (Rexy) was going to die. It's head was turned sideways and couldn't walk straight. It was just barely breathing. We thought for sure it would die that day.

Two days later, Rexy is still going. So we start feeding it water and trying to get it some food. It seems to perk up and try to move around but can't get her direction straight at all.

So as I said at the beginning, my wife found out about the stroke and come to find out, if we keep up with the water and food, Rexy can get back to normal. We do have to take the wheel out of the cage though. It says to not let them run around on it anymore after that.

So our heart break day is turning into sort of miracle with some information from the internet. YEAH!

UPDATE 10/5/2010: The hamster died yesterday. 8(