Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What a Night

Woke up slightly past 12 am to my daughter hollering my name. When I'm almost to their door I hear her banging on the door to get out but couldn't. I found out soon enough why as when I opened the door, I stepped in throw up. She was back on her bed and had thrown up again.

While I washed my foot off, my wife got her to gave her a bath. I cleaned up the bed and got it all in the washer. Then cleaned up the floor. Once I got done, we gave her some medicine while she was setting on the couch. The medicine had that red dye in it. She threw up for a 2nd time and covered the couch with the medicine she just drink. So back to the tub again and I went to cleaning the couch.

Let her soak a little and made sure everything was alright before getting her back out. Got everything cleaned up and blew up a sleeping bad mattress thing we have for her. Of course she was awake and kept getting up. At one point she was standing at the bottom of our bed and wanting something from somewhere. Sure enough, she threw up again. So cleaned up a third mess for the night.

So covered three rooms with throw up and didn't get to sleep until after 4 am. I got to sleep until 7:30 am when I woke up. Got ready for work and Dakota woke up at 8 am. Went to rent a rug doctor to clean all the spots I had cleaned up to try to really get it up good. Once that was done, relaxed some, ate some lunch and went on into work.

She hasn't thrown up the rest of the day and doing fine. She had to catch something from Monkey Joe's where she was playing at that day. I just hope no one else gets what she had.

I will probably crash tonight and not be able to play much at all.