Friday, November 12, 2010

CompTIA Security + Certified

As of today I'm officially CompTIA Security+ Certified.

My company paid $1400 bucks for me to get into a boot camp class that lasted for 4 days. It was supposed to be from 8-5 but I didn't leave until 6 or after each night. Came home, didn't each supper, did some stuff around the house and studied until I was too tired to study anymore.

So today I went in, we finished covering everything that was left, took a short 30 minute break and took the test.

My nerves had been shot all week as all the pretest we took I was the lowest scoring and wasn't quite making it up to the average I should be in order to pass the test. The teacher knew I was going to take it anyway but her recommendation was to study for 1 more week then take it.

Even last night my daughter woke us up at 12, 1, and 2. Couldn't get any sleep, so was already tired today. My wife was awesome enough to go into the room and sleep on her bed with her the rest of the night. She's so AWESOME!!!!

So I take the test and get through all 100 questions in about 70 minutes and had about 20 minutes to review over some. I changed at least 4 of them. The last one I changed was under the 5 minute mark. I knew I had picked the wrong answer when I realized I misread the sentence and was thinking of the wrong port.

The test ended and everyone in the class came over as I was the last one still taking it. The teacher was up front. I got through the survey at the end and when the screened popped up, all I heard was OMG! I was like what, what. Then I realized my screen showed CONGRATULATIONS on it. Then I looked at my score. You get 100 points just for setting down take the test. To pass this test, you have to get 750 points. I seriously had a score of 750. I've got the paper to prove it. I shouted to the top of my lungs and everyone was giving me high fives. Even the lady who registered me up came and congratulated me. It was awesome to get that score and pass. Granted my scores had increased over the tests for the past 4 days but it wasn't enough to where I should have passed.

Praise the Lord on this one.

So now what am I going to do? I'm going to Disney. I'm leaving Sun for the entire week.

See Ya!