Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ignorant People

So of course I have a new phone so I list the old one up to sale to offset the cost of the new one. I make sure to post all the info about the phone, what you get with it, how much I want (no OBO, I asked for a price), put up excellent condition on it as it doesn't have a scratch on it and stil has the original pull off paper when you buy it on it.

So how about some emails me on it asking if I still had it, that they wanted the phone, and to text them. Stupid me texted and didn't just reply to the email.

I said I still have the phone.

Reply: How much and how is the condition.

I seriously almost replied did you not read the post? If you did, go read it again dufus.

I was nice though and replied: 100 and excellent

Reply: is it a smart phone
Reply: I only have $50 now

I seriously want to just smack the person now.

I replied: look it up online and it's 100

If I get another stupid text I will show no mercy and make this person feel beyond ignorant.

Why bother asking about a phone you can't even buy and someone's time. Sheesh!