Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gaming Side of the House

Well a couple days ago I finished off Eyepet on the PS3. My kids fired it up so I got back into playing it. Just needed to collect all the missing prizes and items in the game. I'll be ready to trade this game in for EyePet 2 when it comes out but that's not until Sept.

That's also my 2nd platinum on the PS3 now. The 1st one was Start the Party which means both my platinums are Playstation Move games.

I also finished off of A World of Keflings on the Xbox 360 that same night. Just like the first game and just needed time to finish it all up.

So now I've started playing Kinectimals on the Xbox 360 again. I think I'll try to finish it off to trade in for the Fantasy Pets that came out. My daughter has already finished Kinectimals so need something new for her.

Also started playing Puzzle Arcade again. I'm more than 50% threw my 1044 piece puzzle. So when that's done, I'll have to do a 3 layer fractal puzzle and if the five 250 piece puzzle achievement doesn't pop, I'll do one or two more of those to finish that one off.

I need a solid group of 3 more Yu-Gi-Oh players on the 360 to help me finish that game off on the tag duels.