Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Resistance 3 Update

Well I have beaten the game and I'm on my second run through with Daze of War right now on Superhuman. Superhuman didn't seem that hard at first but the farther you get into the game, it's really starting to get a lot harder. I hope to finish up my Superhuman run Friday night. Which should net me my co-op trophy at the same time. I'll be curious to see if Daze of War gets the unlock superhuman, the superhuman trophy, finish the game trophy and co-op finishing the game trophy as this is his first run through of the game. I'm curious if the game will glitch or give it all to him.

Before my run through with Daze of War though, I went back through the game collecting all the journals. I had only collected about 50% on my first run through. Some I walked right by as I was just into the game and wasn't looking at that point for the journal. Others you had to be looking and walking around or you would have missed them for sure. Not to hard to find though and their are video guides online already.

Once my superhuman run through is done, I should have enough points to unlock the 2 cheats for all weapons and unlimited ammo. Then I'll really go back and wrap up all the loose end trophies that will become easy once I have those unlocked. I'm not touching them right now as they lock out the trophies on superhuman, so I'm not taking the chance on messing it up until I've finished Superhuman.

Their is now a third patch to the game. The last one was only 22 megs. Unlike the first two that were out that were 600 and 700 megs. What stinks is when I played online, the lag was horrible. I don't even care to play online with the lag as it makes it no fun as you get frustrated playing. When I played the beta when it was out, their was no lag, it was smooth and enjoyable. I don't know what they've done but at this rate, I don't care for online with Resistance 3 at all. I really do miss the online co-op mode they had before. Campaign co-op is fun but it's not the same as the previous online co-op where you worked together as a team.

Once I finish this game up, I will more than likely sell it or trade it in as it's not worth keeping.