Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pinball FX2 - Star Wars Episode 5 Table

I was sent a challenge request from someone beating my score on the Star Wars Episode 5 table on Pinball FX2 so I've been playing it the last 2 days.  I was doing pretty good yesterday but last night I was dropping the balls out constantly.  At least until the last round I played.  While I was playing, I got the achievement on this table so that made my night just getting that.  I lost the ball soon after that but the cool part is, I was around 160,000 short from beating the score of the challenge I was sent.  Well, when I lost the ball, all the bonus points pushed up over that score and beat The Dren's score as well.  Which also gave me first place amongest all my friends that have played the table.  I don't get send Dren a challenge request ever, so to be able to send him one was a treat last night.  It's nice being #1 for a change.  Last time I had that was on the Hulk table and I need to try to reclaim that.  I still want to raise up my Plants vs Zombies score as I'm 2nd on that one but my current score is over 300M.  That's the highest score I have on any table and the person above is ahead by about 20 million.  So I've go to set down and try to get first on that table again one day.