Tuesday, June 25, 2013

iPad Display Turned Greenish Yellow

Yesterday I ran into something I've never seen before.  Was using the iPad and closed the lid.  Did some stuff came back and my screen had turned a greenish yellow texture and it ruined how everything looked.  It didn't look like a negative, so changing that setting didn't help.

After some research online, I ran across something that cued me in to what I had done and what fixed my iPad.  While messing with my daughter, I had actually hit my iPad to make a loud noise to try to scare her which is what caused my problem. 

The simple fix was to turn the iPad off, flip it over on its back and smack it really hard 3 times on the back.  Turned it on and I saw improvement in the video display.  Turned it off and did it again, display fixed.

I have a 2nd Gen iPad and from the looks of it, there is some wire or connector that looks to come loose but by smacking it on the back, you can put it back in place for a connection.

YEAH for simple fixes that saved me hundreds of dollars.