Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Been a Bit

It's so easy not to post when you're constantly busy.  Lets see if I can sum up everything in small bits.

Work was getting really stressful so that was no fun.  Luckily I got to take a 5 day vacation and was able to relax.

Got caught up on work since the government shutdown so not as stressed out at work.

Mom went into the hospital on one weekend but she is doing fine now.  Looks to be nothing serious.

Been playing Eternal Sonata and actually beat it last night.  To get all the achievements requires another run through of the game but I'm not doing that.  I want to play MW3 before the Xbox One comes out and I've got 1 month to get that game beat to a point I'll be happy with.  So I'll be starting that today.

Still playing Clash of Clans.  I did a trophy push and made it all the way up to Crystal League 2.  I couldn't make it to 1.  Everyone at that level has TH10 already with the inferno towers so winning on Def more so than not is hard to do to keep the trophies.  So me and Ben (co-leader in my clan for TheWretchedOnes) decided to drop to farm as he was trying to get there as well and couldn't make it.  So now we are upgrading all our defenses and getting to TH10 before we push again.  We want to make master on the next push.  So just been earning some money by dropping down in trophies.

The Castle Story game I've been playing on my iPad with my wife opened up some new adventures finally so we are back into playing that more.

IOS7 has made my wife's iPad get really hot and drain the battery down.  Seems to be a big issue with all the devices on the upgrade.  Somehow mine isn't doing it or the wife's phone.  Hopefully one of the patches they put out will fix the issue here soon.

I canceled my Xbox One order with Microsoft.  Mainly because Best Buy put up the Day One console yesterday for preorder.  So I preordered it from Best Buy to get the reward zone points and get some money back from the purchase.  Something is better than nothing and I was getting nothing with Microsoft.  Maybe it'll help me keep my elite status with them before my time runs out and I lose it.

That about sums it up.  I'll try to get back on track and post more again.