Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What I've Been Doing on My Xbox One

So I get my Xbox One on Friday night and spent 2 hours not playing a single game.  I was looking around the menus and I started all my downloads to get all the things I wanted, which ended up being a lot.  I even bought Forza 5 right off the store so that was a huge download to get.  Needless to say when I turned its off I thought it would finish downloading as it should have been int that suspend mode.  Yeah, not the case and I had to finish downloading everything else in the morning.  I even had  to go and start them up as they didn't automatically start downloading when it turned back on.

I tried doing some chats with friends but if you're on an Xbox 360 still you can't chat with anyone on an Xbox One.  It's the Xbox Live Service, how idiotic can you get Microsoft?  That should be a day one item to work right there.  I tried some chats with some friends who got the Xbox One and I didn't make much progress on that either.  First few times, I couldn't get the person in the chat to hear me or them.  You  have to turn Party Chat on or you won't be talking in the party at all.  One night when I did get in with a friend, it wouldn't work at first but after a few tries, we finally got in a chat where I could actually start my Party Chat.  He said Microsoft has some serious issues with the chat.  I agreed completely.  While talking with him, I repeatedly got kicked out of the Party Chat and kept having to rejoin.  You have no noticed or any indication that someone has left the Party Chat.  So if you are talking and nobody replies back, then they might not be there anymore.  Another thing weird is if you send a Party Chat invite.  The message you get doesn't tell you it's a Party Chat.  You'll see it but not realize that's what you're being sent.  Come on Microsoft, the Xbox 360 had some good qualities on chat.  Why would you take away something that works so well.

The Store is absolutely ridiculous.  If there is one thing on Windows 8 that sucks, it's the Store and they brought it into the Xbox One.  If you want to find something, you better know what it is you want and search for it as there is not browse all titles options.  The store on the Xbox 360 was way better than this.  Yet another aggravating and failed redesign by Microsoft.

Want to make a setting change.  Good luck finding it as once you do, you'll have to dig through the buried spot you just found to find what you want.  It's not easy to navigate around and find what you want.

Something recently I've noticed is that the new Kinect doesn't pick me up if I'm too far away.  I know they made it where you can see you closer but how can you not still see me from afar like the old Kinect did?

I played Killer Instinct the first 2-3 days I had it but I haven't gone back to it since.  That game literally wears out my hands and I just can't fight that good on those type games anymore.  At least I did win all the characters from Microsoft and got to play with them all. 

I have been playing Forza 5 since launch and I'm enjoying that game.  However, they were stupid like Microsoft and made a menu that you can't find stuff in and when you find what you want, it's not no where remotely where you think it would be.  I had a bunch of codes for Forza 5 for cars.  However, none of them unlocked in the game and are in my garage.  So thanks for nada on those codes.

I've also been playing Dead Rising 3.  I started playing this but then when my kids got home from school and that first cuss word came out with my daughter repeating it.  I quickly saved and quit the game along with a talk with daughter on not to say that word ever again.  So the only time I play DR3 is at night once everyone is asleep.  I really wish they would have given you an option to turn off the foul language in this game.  Not everyone wants to hear it and I wish it was a standard for all games.

When time has permitted I've played some LEGO Marvel Superheroes with the kids.  They have done a good job on the game and we're still progressing through the story.  All the little things in this game make it another great LEGO game and enjoying all the comical lines they have put into the game.  Another LEGO game worth owning.

That will wrap it up for now.