Monday, July 27, 2015

Five Nights at Freddie's 4

Let me start out by saying I've never played any of the Five Nights at Freddie's games.  My kids have played all three and talk to me about it all the time.  My wife has never watched or played the game either.

So now for the setup.  We just upgraded my daughters Kindle from a 1st generation to a 3rd (the HDX model) and she has a Fire TV in her room.  Mirroring is now a possibility.  If I'm going to play this game, what better way to do it than to mirror it and have the volume turned up.

I was having an issue getting the mirroring to work with the Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Fire TV.  Finally found a solution online that seems to be spot on.  The mirroring hangs up very easily and the Fire TV tells you to hit any button to kill the mirroring.  It doesn't work so well that way.  Since I could never officially connect the fire time, I had to unplug the Fire TV to make it reset itself.  Then mirroring would work.  After that, you need to make sure to stop mirroring on your Kindle device first before you hit any button on the Fire TV or it will hand and you will have to unplug the Fire TV again.

So we bought the game today and my kids haven't gotten past night 1 yet.  They got scared and quit.  I've never played so a I started a new game.  The screen gives you instructions on what to do and how to do it but you don't really know what's going on.  The crazy things on the bed kept popping up behind me but I stopped them.  I had about 2 hours to go on the first night without much happening.  Then when I went to the left door I heard footsteps for the first time and I pulled that door shut and didn't want to let go.  It put me a little on edge.  I did hear the footsteps run away.  So I opened the door and shined the flash light down the hall.

Empty.  Whew!

So I went back and kept checking the bed behind me to only have 2 crazy bunny things jump off the bed. 

Went to the right door, no noise, turned the flash light on and saw something move away quickly.  The squares with the words overlap where they are at so it's a little hard to see until they move and you know for sure it was there.  So after that, it was a mad dash back and forth checking everything and made it through night 1.

Night 2 didn't take very long for the pitter patter of feet to start happening.  Every time I went over to a door, I swore I was hearing something.  Every time I shined the flash light I would see something.  The anticipation was building up and I was going back and forth as quick as I could.  I finally went to the right door and I think I stayed too long holding it.  Went to the bed and looked behind me.  Turned around and BAM!  Bunny with teeth jumped out at me with a scream.  I'm not going to lie, I screamed as I was not ready for it.  Which then in turn made my wife holler and scream.  The game got me and this is what all the talk is about for FNAF games.

After I calmed my nerves for a minute, I tried night 2 again.  I was doing good checking the doors and keeping the bed clear.  At that point, my daughter was like, you really need to check the closet.  So I go check the closet, turn on the flash light and the monster is right there but not moving.  I don't know what to do.  I closed the door, opened it, flash light and it's still there.  I finally hold the door shut for a short amount of time.  When I let go and shine my flash light, a fox toy is on the floor with no monsters.  So now I'm back to checking the doors from all the footsteps and I forgot about the closet again.  Went back to closet and it was empty.  Ran back to the bed and the wife screams when the fox jumps out.  Which in turns scares me. 

Yep, we're done for the night.  Two big scares is enough for us.  Kids are scared and don't want to go bed now.  Thanks FNAF4.