Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ceiling Fan Blade Snapped Off

I've been so busy that I'm just now getting to posting this up.

Saturday night around 10 pm I heard a loud BOOM followed by some crashing noises in my kids bedroom. Had no idea what was going on, so I bolted into the room.

To my amazement, the fan was swirling around irregular and I couldn't get it to stop. So finally cut it off and then realized it was missing a blade. I cut the light on and found out that the blade had actually broken off on the metal arm. I've never seen that happen before so I started looking for the blade.

I found where it hit the wall and put a dent in it over the TV. The crashing noise was it going down hitting the TV, dresser and a stand up fan. Was amazed to see how it had broken off.

My oldest daughter was wide awake from the noise. My youngest however slept through everything and never woke up once. Go figure on that one.

I went to get a replace fan as the arms come in a 5 pack and cost as much as a new fan almost. Talked to the guy about it and he said they could do that if they are loose. Too bad I had tightened them up just a week or two ago so they were not loose.

I'm very thankful though it hit above the TV as where the spot is on the wall is the same height of my daughter on the bunk bed and it could have hit her in the head instead. So I'm very thankful that didn't happen.

Here are some pics: