Friday, September 3, 2010

Time, Where Does the Time Go

Yesterday started out pretty good and had plans to work on some games last night but things never go as planned.

For some reason, work went beyond crazy when lunch time hit. So didn't really have a lunch, was putting out fires, and resolving issues for next week on into the afternoon. Finally got to leave work and head home. Was worn out and I know most won't be at work tomorrow considering it's a 3 day weekend being Labor Day. So they all take tomorrow off to make it a 4 day weekend but I'll be here at work chugging along.

When I got home, I see the Nook has arrived that I'll talk about later on in this post. However the other thing that happened was good fortune. We had signed up to test out the Playstion Move that is coming out, which of course we didn't get in on it. The interesting part is, it was so popular and such a big hit that they are going to do it again. The email came in while we were looking at something online. So we stopped everything and signed up right then before it filled up. We actually got in! I'm stoked about this since I've been reading up more on the Playstation Move and knowing eventually I would end up getting it. With what we joined up to do, we are hosting a party at our house, inviting friends and going to get the Playstation Move, Eye and some games to let everyone see and play with. The best part is, we get to keep it all. We don't have to pay anything. Woo Hoo!!! Now to save up and find a way to get Kinect and will be good.

Well today was also our date night since someone was being really nice and watched our kids for us this afternoon. So we drove over to Mamma Mia's to try it out after dropping the kids off. We've heard nothing but good things about this place and we had never made it by. Just a small little resturant but the food was good. Which is why you go in the first place. If you're ever down our way and you like pasta, gotta swing by this resturant. So we stuffed ourselves from the delicious food and rolled out the door.

Then headed over to Target and did a little Christmas shopping. Yea, now is the time to start while toys are in stock. Too bad the toys we went to get were completely sold out. If your kid wants some Squinkies, you better start getting them now as that's going to be the hot item for christmas. Did get a few items though, so those will be stashed away until December.

So we get done shopping and head back to get the girls. They are hungry and still running full blast when we get home. So go through everything and finally get them into bed. I started working on my wife's Nook that came in the mail. We ran across a good deal for a brand new one with a case, so we got it. We've already sold our Logetich Harmony remote and now got to sell the Sony ereader we have and will have it paid back off.

It's a pretty cool device and I like it better than the Sony ereader as it seems faster to me. It has more technology built into it for doing other things but the new Sony ereaders coming out will probably be a lot better than the older ones. However the Sony's are still good though, don't get me wrong. It was just time for an upgrade to a newer ereader.

Ran into an issue where none of the epub books would work on it. So was doing research and ended up calling a friend up who has one. Found out about this program called Calibre. What a sweet program for manageing and converting your ebooks over to whatever format you want. It even detects your ereader and does everything for you with the click of a few buttons. So reconverted the epub's to an epub and it resolved our issues for opening them up on the Nook. Some of the files aren't really labeled properly so got a little project to fix all that so it all shows up properly in the Nook. Which with Calibre, that will be a lot easier to do.

By the time all that was done, it was past 10 pm. So I got online to finish up Resident Evil 5. Which took me until almost 11 to finish it up. The computer can be a complete idiot in that game sometimes. Professional is a one hit die, so not easy to do as it is. So RE5 is finished as far as the 1000 in the game goes but I'm skipping the DLC. Not going to buy something that I'll never play online. Hit up a chat with someone before I headed to bed.

I had hoped to start Dead Rising Case Zero but was too tired. Guess that will be my Friday night game. Nothing like killing some zombies.

Now the real fun begins as at 4 am this morning. I get woken up by my youngest daughter to go potty. Now my oldest has been a little sick and at that point in time, she starts coughing and can't stop. Tried some things and finally gave her medicine early to help calm her down so she could get some more sleep before school.

Me ,however, stayed awake and got ready for work. Mainly because I couldn't go back to sleep after all that. I got here before everyone did this morning. The saying the early bird gets the worms doesn't mean anything when the worms are even up yet. I'm so not sticking around today and I'm heading out early to trade in some games.

Good thing I have NOS in the frig for tonight or I probably will pass out early. Which I might anyway as it won't help me stay awake if I'm that tired.