Friday, September 3, 2010


Do you like ATVs? Do you like racing? Do you like doing tricks in mid air on ATVs? If you answered yes to all those, you will enjoy playing Pure as that's what this game is all about. What's even harder to believe is that Disney made this game. Which is one of the reasons I grabbed it to see how they did on making a racing game.

So sit down, pull the gas, and enjoy some fun/hard racing in Pure. You'll go through 4 classes of ATVs. D, C, B, and A. Which A is the best.

You can build your ATV from scratch, modify it, change the design, mix up the stickers, and upgrade your ATV through out the game. There is an easy way to build your ATV for race or tricks depending on what you're doing. Just gotta hold down the button and it will do it all for you if you don't want to mess with making one each time you build one.

You will race through a World Tour event doing Sprints, Races, or Freestyle.

Sprint: Short tracks to see who can finish the race first.
Race: Long tracks to see who can finish the race first.
Freestyle: Pull off tricks and combo's to boost your score to see who can have the highest score before you run out of gas.

All three race types are fun and enjoyable to play. It does get harder to win on some of the later on but that's only because you will need to learn the tracks and find the shortest way around it. Once you figure that out, you'll be in the top every time.

You'll be captivated by the scenery in which you can't just stop to look around or you'll lose the race. That or you'll run off the mountain. You even might just crash into the side of a rock or tree. So keep your eye on the track as you can take different paths on every track race. Some are optimal for time and some are better for jumps to get more tricks in.

Once you finish up the world tour you will be able to perform all the tricks in the game. Which is a lot considering A is for easy tricks, B is for medium tricks, and Y is for hard tricks. Not only do you push a button, but you push a direction on the analog stick to perform the trick. So that's 8 directions per letter. Which is 24 tricks but WAIT! You can also click and hold in the RB or LB buttons to perform special tricks on top of those. So that's 24 more tricks for a total of 48 tricks in the game. However, you have a meter in the game that builds up. Once it's maxed out, you can perform special tricks for each rider in the game. Yes some are the same but they each have their own individual tricks. Plus left and right tricks count differently as your rider does the trick to that side of the ATV. So you have 8 more tricks you can do on top of the 48 plus more for each rider. Then you perform a full 360 forward and backwards trick by tapping forward or back twice and holding it for 2 more tricks. What's even better is all those different types of tricks are achievements. So if you want all 1000 in this games, you're going to get to see and do all those tricks. Sad part is you'll have to do some of them in one race of the World Tour event. Which are the hardest achievements in the game.

This game does include online and people are still racing today online. Some are ungodly good and can nail freestyle tricks in places you wouldn't think of doing that type of trick there. So you can have some fun racing online if you're looking for that. If you're looking for achievements, just get a friend to help ya knock them out quickly and you'll be done in an hour with that or less.

Overall, enjoyed the game. When trying to finish up all 1000, I got very frustrated and quit playing it. Was ready to get rid of it say forget that 1000. Couple friends got it, did the achievements I was trying to get, got a push, got some advice and finished it up. YEAH! So thanks for the help and good luck to all who get this game.