Friday, September 3, 2010

Resident Evil 5

If you've never played a Resident Evil game then you're going to feel like I do on this game.

The graphics in the game are extremely good. That is going to pull you in as they did an excellent job. When someone slings their head and opens their mouth to holler at you. Then you see it split open in to 4 pieces like a clover with drool, teeth and a nasty snarl. Even better when the guy on the bike rides by and tries to bite you with his mouth. Which is what they all want to do in this game; bite you or beat you to a bloody pulp. The graphics in this game are not going to let you down in the slightest.

The story line flows rather good as well. It's good but after you beat it once, that back button on your controller will help you skip all the cinematic's faster.

Speaking of the cinematic's, they show up through out the game and pop up quite frequently. Which the cinematic's look just like the game but you're not controlling the guy or girl at that point. However some cinematic's do enforce the timed button smashing to complete it. Which you are going to find out that you hate. Mainly because you know you hit the button but the game doesn't register it. It gives you about a second to hit it, if that, or it won't count. Especially when you have to hit X and A together. If it's not you, then it's your partner hollering that he hit the button, he knows he did. Yet you're dead on the screen and starting all over from the beginning to try again.

Which having a partner is a very good thing as this game is better playing with someone. Especially since the AI can be a complete idiot on occasion. It makes no sense to me why the AI can't take a side step to shoot the enemy but instead, blast me with the gun, which doesn't kill the enemy behind me at all. Which of course I then get hit and hurt while the AI is still shooting me thinking magically the bullet will go through and kill the enemy. Which if it's my year she's shooting, then it does hit the enemy but not my chest or head. GRRRrrr The AI will die at times that make no sense as well. For instance, if their is a beam of light that if it touches you, you will be blown to bits. How about the AI just walks out into it for some reason when it was just standing their waiting for it to go by. The AI needed a little more work in this game. The one good thing about the AI is if you load it up with an unlimited Mag gun, they will take out a ton of the enemies and help you out immensely. Load them up with health so if you are hurt, they will replenish you and themselves if your health gets low. Plus it stops them from picking everything up around them while running through the chapters.

The next thing you're going to hate in this game is the horrible controls. The way everything is configured out is not your norm you are use to. If you plan to get all the achievements in the game, you will get use to it but you're still not going to like it. It takes forever to turn left, right or behind you. Which there is a button to flip you to your partner but you'll do that by accident and the enemy will be behind you after you click it. So you'll probably get smacked in the back of the head while you start trying to turn around to not get hit. Which, as you'll notice, you have to stop completely to fire a gun or swing your knife. Which by the way, you have to hold the Left Trigger down to be able to pull the Right Trigger down to fire. That goes with grenades, flash bangs, etc... Your knife is actually the Left Bumper button to pull it out in which you still need to use the RT to swing it. You have an inventory menu that comes up by pressing Y. Your D pad can give you instance access to the up, down, left, and right section. The rest however you have to stop, bring up the menu and then highlight what you want to use or equip. Their is no jump button in the game either but you'll do a lot of jumping up, down, across and some dodging with X for the action sequence to make stuff happen.

There are a good range of weapons in the game you will find and unlock. Which you can upgrade them all to make them better. Which upgrading them all will unlock an achievement for you as well. Which takes a lot of money. The Rocket Launcher, Mag pistol, and Sniper gun are going to be your best weapons in the end. Just starting out though, keep your pistol and shotgun on you as that's the ammo that gets dropped through out the game.

After you beat the game and start on your next run, you will be earning exchange points for the bonus materials. Which you only get when you finish up the Chapters in the game. Which will also depend on your rank for the amount of exchange points you get. You will need to upgrade all the weapons so you can unlock the unlimited ammo for the best guns in the game. You want unlimited on the Mag before you buy anything else with your exchange points. So save until you can get it. It will just help you out in the game more than you'll know. After that, get your time down under 5 hours to unlock the unlimited RL which doesn't cost you anything. Between those two, you'll pretty much be set and can start buying all the figurines for that achievement. Which you can't buy the last one until you S rank every mission at least once on any difficulty.

You can play on easy, regular, or veteran for difficulty when you start out the game. Once you beat veteran, you will unlock professional which you don't want to run through until you have the unlimited mag and rocket launcher. One hit and you will die. You have about a second to get healed which the AI can't seem to do even standing right beside you. The achievements are stackable, so if you play through on Veteran first, you can unlock three at once when you finish the campaign.

This game does have collectibles. Find a good guide as they are not all that easy to find. You need to find everything to unlock extra stuff in the game as well. Running through on easy you won't have to worry about dieing so much while looking for everything if you have missed it.

Overall this game has its up and downs. I did read they are doing a Resident Evil 6 game and it's going to be a completely revamped since the original creator is not coming back for the next one. So hopefully they will fix the controls, especially since, even with the PlayStation Move, this game still stinks for controls from all I've read online where it was used with the game.