Sunday, September 19, 2010

PS3 Move Party Box Has Arrived

I had mentioned before that my wife got in on a hosting house party for the PS3 online.  We made it into the second one since the first one they had was so popular that it had filled up really fast.  So been waiting for the box to arrive for our house party on the 25th of Sept.

Looked at Fedex this morning and it showed on the truck for delivery but the date at the top changed from today to Tuesday of next week.  Called fedex and the guy said it didn't go through some scanner part so it got pushed back.  Yea right!  Got home from cheer leading with my daughter at it was setting on the front porch.

Here's the box being opened, then everything that came in the box, and then something cooler than the PS3 Move once we figured out what it was.

This is everything that came in the party box:

  • 2 Playstation Move controllers
  • Playstation Eye Camera
  • EyePet game
  • Start the Party game
  • 2 coupons for 2 free 12 packs of coca-cola
  • EyePet activity book and crayons
  • EyePet tumblers
  • PS Can Holder 
  • Bunch of different type of info cards to give everyone that comes over
That's over $220+ value for all that.  Was not expecting that.  All that's left is the Playstation Navigation Controller and I'll be set.

We have 15 of thsoe PS Can Holders.  We had no idea what it was when we first looked at it.  Finally saw where it says can holder inside the curve of the device.  Went to grab a can and hooked it on.  It locks on tight and is the coolest thing ever.  It literally makes it like you're drinking for a coffee mug or a glass with a handle.  It works great and it fits really tight on the can.  So no need of it slipping off.  I think I got more excited about that than opening up the box.  8)

The EyePet game was interesting but it was hard for my kids to get the screen to read what they were doing.  They were getting a little frustrated with it.  There is a good bit of stuff to do with it, so will have to play some more during the week to unlock more to see what the game has.

Start the Party is a simple game of taking turns to see who can do the best on very simple challenges.

If you can't tell, this is all geared toward kids more than adults.  Which is what we have mostly invited over for Saturday.  So everything should work out good.  Will see how long it holds the other kids attention when a group of them is here.

There are a bunch of demo's up online and I've been downloading all of them to have a variety to check out to see how things work.  Still have a few more to go.  Some are neat but I'm getting bored with them quick as it's a repeat of the Wii.  Which they will have those games to go against them.  Gotta steal their business.  Still haven't tried the sports one yet to see if it plays better or not.  That will happen later on during the week when time permits.

The Playstation Eye video quality isn't very good.  I'm really not impressed with it at all.  I can't even see anyway to focus or make it better yet.  Going to have to look into that to see if I can make it better.  If I can, maybe it'll help out some on the EyePet game and pick up my kids movements better.

Overall for about 3-4 hours of getting it all hooked up, charged, and playing games.  For anyone just starting, it'll be cool.  If you've already done the Wii thing though, you're not going to be as impressed.  I'm looking for that game that says, this is why it's worth buying the PS Move.