Friday, December 17, 2010

Death Proof

So I watched Grindhouse: Death Proof a couple days ago. I wanted Grindhouse with the girl with the shotgun leg but my wife had added this to the Netflix que saying it was part of some how. I don't think so but I won't know until I get Grindhouse.

The first thing that made me laugh in the movie was when I put it in. First thing that popped up on the screen said, "This disc is for retail sale only". I thought that was pretty funny considering it came from Netflix as a rental.

The movie overall I was not really impressed with. I almost cut it off and quit watching a few times. I watched until the 1 hour mark and that's when the wreck happened that they rewinded and showed what happened which each person in the car died. That caught my attention enough to finish it as it went to 14 months later after that. Figured I'd get to see another wreck which would have been worth seeing.

Well, the last 30 minutes is the best part of this movie. From that point on to the end I enjoyed every bit of that part of the movie. It took it that long for it to get good. So if you wanted to fast forward to the car scenes in the movie, you would be good to go and only waste about 40 minutes instead of 2 hours on this movie.