Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Redid Computer in Bedroom

Well last weekend was really busy. We decided to sell the computer desk and I hooked everything up to the TV in the bedroom.

It was a good little bit of work getting the desk cleared off to sell but it sold really quick.

I'm surprised I didn't have too much trouble getting it all hooked back up. I moved the TV forward and my speakers are behind the TV. I added a picture of the desk and the new layout for the TV below for you to see the change.

It definitely opened up our bedroom for some more room. We like it a lot better this way.



I used the money from the desk and selling the white TV I used as a second monitor to help purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse. Me and the wife are really happy with it. I'm just curious if the batteries will last as long as they say.

Check out the Logitech keyboard and mouse combo I got: