Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Catch Up

I haven't posted in a while on here. It has been pretty busy though. I'll try to run through some stuff in order for anyone that reads this.

Slowly working on that fractal puzzle in Puzzle Arcade. It's just going to take time to finish.

I finally finished off Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 DLC. Was excited about those. Hopefully that next DLC will not have achievements attached onto it.

Bought Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Watched my 2 daughters run through the game and played it some myself until the 1st run through was done. I did a little more work after that and got all the achievements I could before the next part of grinding out to find everything has to be done for the rest. I'll go back to that sometime soon.

I finished the Kinectimals game but not until I had to replay the entire game again because I missed a story based achievement that isn't supposed to be missable. My luck prevails yet again. Check over at TA for my review on how not to miss the achievement for unlocking all the maps.

So traded that in and got Fantastic Pets for the kids. I played through the first part just to get everything setup. The response is nothing close to Kinectimals. This game is going to get boring fast. I'll keep it for a little bit but if the kids don't keep interest. I'll be looking to get rid of this sooner than later and get the Kinect racing game. At least that one they can play at the same time.

My birthday came and my wife bought me Bulletstorm. I've read and heard nothing but good things about this game. Well, I'm one of them now. I just wish they wouldn't have put all the cussing in the game. I can't really play it around my kids with all the bad language. So forced to play it at night. The campaign was good and I still have a bunch of stuff to wrap up in it, especially skillshots. Echo mode is like Special Ops in MW2. The multiplayer is like Horde mode in GOW2 except you need so many points to get to the next wave. Three things I really enjoy (campaign, special ops, and horde) put all into one game. I'm enjoying all the modes through out so far. Definitely a game worth picking up to play. I highly recommended it.

After that, I found out my grandma wasn't going to make it much longer. It hit me really hard and for the next 10 days, I was pretty out of it. When she passed, went to SC and then Memorial Day weekend had started.

I am in on a Shadowrun boosting party now as well. I've had that game for a LONG time and I'm just now actually playing it to get points out of it. Just think, I got this game for $1.21 from Gamefly back when I used the service.

I can't believe I've started up 3 new games here recently. It's killed my finish old games I have this year and dropped my percentage down a ton. At least when all these 4 are finished, I know I'll be back up to the 90% range again for sure. At least I think that anyway.

I've already gotten the Fantastic Pets DLC that just came out. I hope the Bulletstorm DLC goes on sale so I can grab it cheaper before I finish the game so I can not buy it at full price to finish it off.

The final thing to add to this post is tomorrow makes 10 years of marriage. WOO HOO!!