Thursday, June 2, 2011


Saw an article on Lifehacker yesterday and I had to try it out.

tightVNC is a very simple free VNC software to let you remote to another computer. This one caught my attention because it said I could use my phone to remote to my computer.

The application is very small and took no time to install. The main thing you are going to have to make sure to do is setup port forewarding otherwise it will never make it in. You'll have to get the IP of your phone so you can add it into the system to allow it to come in. I also highly suggest you setup a viewing and admin password which it asks you to do during the install.

Download the app from the android marketplace. Just search for tightvnc to find it.

You'll need your computers ip with the password you made, put in all the info needed and click connect.

Mine came up and I could scroll around the screen just fine. My only issue right now is I couldn't actually click on or do anything besides view it. I think if I change the password to the admin to login with and not the viewer one, that might fix my problem. I'll update this later on when I get some time to play with it again.

It's still pretty cool for the fact I can remote to my home computer from my phone from anywhere on a 3G connection. That's just nice.