Friday, June 10, 2011

Lego Pirates of the Carribean Freezing Xbox 360

So last week my Lego Pirates game froze up my console. Then as I was working with it, the disc slowly became completely unreadable. My daughter had scratched up the back of the disc pretty good. I'm not letting her touch the actual discs of the games for a while. Luckily it was with in 1 months time, so I took it back to Best Buy and got a new game. Ran through a story just fine with the new disc.

However, last night, my daughters froze up the console again with this game. The disc doesn't have any scratches on it at all since it's brand new and yet it still froze.

Well, I did notice one thing for where it freezes at. When you first launch into the game, if you push down on your controller and go to the island across the water. On that side of the board, playing on that island, that's where the game freezes every time. Even on the disc with all the scratches, it froze in that spot to begin with before the disc became unreadable. I can't give you an exact time of how long it takes but it doesn't take very long before it freezes. I told them to not go to that island and the game never froze up again.

Now what sucks about this is you have to go to that island to complete some things to get some red hats in the game. I think I've gotten them all but there are some things in the water that I still need to do. Hopefully being in the water won't freeze me up as it's closer to the dock for what I need to do and not actually on the island.

I plan to install this game to my HD which I never do with any of the games I have to see if this will help it not freeze up the console. If this works, then I'll update this post that it does help. If not, then I think I might have to actually email the Lego creators and tell them they need to patch the game if this is across the board for everyone. I'm curious if anyone else has had this issue like I have or not.