Monday, August 1, 2011

I Officially Own an iPad 2 Now

So just over a week ago, I picked up cleaning rag to rub off the smudges off my screen. Low and behold I could feel and hear something digging into the screen. I stopped to look and saw what I just did to my iPad.



Come to find out, a nail large nail file had hung in the rang and I never felt or saw it. You can slide your nail across it and feel how deep in it went. No I did not have a screen protector on it. The case I had has kept it from everything but it can't stop someone deliberately scratching on it. I'm not sure if it would have stopped it or not. Not going to test to find out.

Knowing that it's there, it was bugging the stew out of me and I couldn't stop talking about it all week. I finally remembered my wife bought the protection plan on it at Best Buy.

So today I went into Best Buy to send it off to get the screen repaired and be without it for a couple weeks. Well, Best Buy can't replace the screens anymore. So they had no choice but to give me a iPad 2 in place of what I brought in as that's the upgradable item. I have to buy a new protection plan but I got upgraded.

First time ever that I've actually used a protection plan and had this happen.

So my day ended up being fairly good.
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