Wednesday, August 3, 2011

iPad 2 versus the old iPad

Well, I've only had the iPad 2 for only a couple days but I can already see the difference from my old iPad.

The graphics are are more sharp and clear on the iPad 2. Even the smallest simple games look a ton better which makes the graphical ones look a ton better.

The iPad 2 is lighter than the first. It's also smaller in size as well. I had a thick case last time but I think I'm going to get smaller stuff as I like the smaller size. That way it won't way as much in my hand. The back side isn't as curved either. It's more straight now which I like better.

I played around with a few games, especially the ones that were lagging out on the iPad bad. They ran smooth as a button on the iPad 2. So the increase in processor speed has helped out the device immensely.

From my previous post, I was talking about Facetime which that is only possible because of the front and back camera on the iPad 2. I might not always use it but the option of the camera is a good feature to have. I need to find some apps to play with it some. Like the star constellation app so I can find the constellations at night easily by looking on the screen and it shows you where it should be at during that time of the day. I'll be waiting for a clear night to go outside and check that out.

I would definitely recommend the iPad 2 over the iPad. Which is should be better anyway. If you don't have one at all. You should be able to find an iPad cheap online somewhere now. It would be worth having, even for a toy to play with.