Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Assassian's Creed 2

A friend bought me this game for my PS3 a long time ago and I never played it.  It took me two weeks to talk myself into playing the game and I finally started it last week.

It's definitely different than most games I've played.  One of the biggest things is the controller.  Starting out I really don't like the placement of how they make you press buttons to perform actions in the game.  Yes, I'll get use to it as I go along from repetition but I just hate they way they did it.  So that gives me a bad vibe for having to play through the entire game with that in mind.

Some of the buttons don't work but I think I have to learn more skills before I can really say it's not working as some things are starting to work where they didn't at first.  So I'll bring this up on my next post on the game I make.

The graphics are pretty descent but the white lines from the machine, which do remind you that it's not real, to me, takes away from the game some.  It's how they point things out, where to go and grab stuff from the white lines that look like it is computer made. It's pretty hard to find spots where you need to go as well. If its in the middle of the building, you might have to walk around the bottom to find the entrance, go on the roof and find it or a combo of climbing around just to get to the objective. I hope that gets better as I go along through the story.

I've only played it once so far for about 2 hours. Made it to the point of getting Assassins outfit and that's where I stopped.