Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nimble Quest

From the people who made Tiny Tower, which can be an addicting game, they have now made Nimble Quest. They took something very simple and have made something really cool, fun, and enjoyable to play.

All they did was take the old classic snake game where you can't touch the walls, yourself and you eat to get longer which makes staying alive even harder.

In Nimble Quest you do grow but you add Heroes. You start out as a Warrior, skeleton, Mage, and many more Heroes as I have yet to unlock them all. As you progress through the stages, when you kill the enemies, a Hero will appear. All you have to do is touch him and he joins your party. I didn't count bit it looks like at least 20 different Heroes are available to get.

Once you get a Hero you can start off the round with that Hero and work to level him up. Each level increases his abilities and they, can go up 3 levels. I haven't figured out if me leveling up one person is level 1 in the game if I pick him up while playing with another Hero but I'm assuming they are.

So as you can imagine, the party gets longer and longer with the more Heroes you acquire. They do have health and you collect gems to help upgrade abilities along the way.

So if you didn't figure it out yet, this game is a small RPG. Only you never stop moving and kill everything on the screen to move on to the next level.

It's such a simple brilliant idea that they have come up with that I'm really enjoying it. I keep wanting to play it more and more. I've got a ways to go but I definitely want to unlock all the characters in the game.

Controlling your party with swiping which way you go really does make playing it more enjoyable. Just be careful to watch out for the slowly appearing enemies as I've numerously died from one spawning that I didn't see.

They do have an Arena section for online and I played it once but not sure how all the ranking will be. Some people already have some outlandish scores that I know I will never beat. I did create a clan name that all you have to do is type that name in and it looks like it puts you in that clan. Doesn't have any restrictions to keep people from joining anyone's clan. So if you want to join one, join mine for starting out, you can switch later very easily. Mine is called "Hobbits". That should be easy enough to remember.