Friday, May 3, 2013

Clash of Clans - TheWretchedOnes

Say hello to my Clan for Clash of Clans.  It's called TheWretchedOnes.

The clan I was previously in, the leader just up and disappeared.  Then someone went on a kicking spree and nobody was recruiting new members.  Things were going bad and a bunch kept saying I should make a clan.  At one point, a group did break off and create a new one.  I decided not to go and create my own since so many people had asked me.  Had 12 people come with me.  So that's a good start for elders to recruit and pull new people in.  We made it up past the 20 mark after one day.  Looking for other players with at least 1000 in trophies to join.

So hears to a new start.