Monday, May 6, 2013

Clash of Clans Update for Clan

Well, over the weekend, I ran into a guy in the global wanting to merge clans.  After talking, we had the same goals and with his group, it should give us a solid foundation for making a good clan, plus keeping people in the clan that won't leave.  He had 2 things that he wanted, a new clan name and for me and him to make all decisions like elder and such. 

I didn't really want to lose my name I created because I really liked it and nobody else had that name yet in CoC.  However, looking out for my group, I chose the higher rode.  He came up with the name e-LEMON-ators.  I liked the name as I couldn't think of anything as it was late and I was ready to go to bed from all the talking to get the merge going.

I still remained leader and it took me about 2 days to get everyone moved over.  We lost a few as they haven't been online from the looks of it so they haven't seen the message for joining the new clan.  It's going to be hard for them to join in now because as of today I've taken off Anyone Can Join and set it to Invite only since we have maxed out at 50 members already.  The merger is definitely paying off right off the bat, so that's a good thing to see. 

As the weeks go by, will see who is being active or not.  That will decide if they stay or go.  Since we just merged will give them time but I'll be keeping track of how everyone is doing on donating so I can confirm if they really helping out or not.

So here's to another new beginning.