Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nashville, TN

Drove up with the family to Nashville, TN where my wife grew up this past weekend for the Memorial Day weekend.  Had a good time.  Definitely a lot to do in that city.

Went over to the Parthenon in Centennial Park, took the kids to the Charlie Daniels park a few times, the kids really enjoyed the Adventure Science Center, went downtown to walk around to hear the music playing and go in some of the stores.

Went over to the Loveless Cafe, It was an hour and 40 min wait just to be seated.  That or you could do takeout and get it in 15-20 mins.  So we did takeout and grabbed a picnic table outside that opened up.  Was some good food.

I finally got to eat my first real White Castle burger.  It was pretty good.

Had to go by Red Robin, they always have good burgers.

Tried a new place called Cori's Doghouse.  They have all kinds of ways to make hotdogs.  The bread is like texas toast put together for the bun and they are some big hot dogs.  It's definitly worth trying as it was pretty good.

Went by this Chuy's resturant for mexican.  The chips and salsa were fantastic.  It's worth going for that alone.  The food was interesting.  I didn't like what I ordered that much and my wife didn't want the spicy meal she got.  So we switched plates and we both enjoyed our meals.

Ended up taking the kids swimming at the hotels indoor pool.  My youngest is finally starting to get how to swim.  After 2 hours of working on it, I was glad to see some progress on that 2nd night.

Got a backstage tour of the Ryman from one of my wife's friends.  That was a pretty neat tour and learning about all the historic value the place has.

It was a good trip and had some fun.  Definitely a town worth going too as we still have more to do that we haven't done yet.