Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Backtracked to Eternal Sonata

Talking with the wife other day and she said I needed to finish all my games before we got it.  That's going to be a hard feat to accomplish considering all the games i own that i haven't even played yet.  She said to start on the oldest so I pulled out Eternal Sonata.  

Took me a little bit to get the game of playing and get back i to the story where I left off but now I'm enjoying again.  Actually popped 2 achievements the first 2 days I played it but none sense.  It's a low scoring game and it takes a 2nd play through to get all 1k in the game.  I don't think you can get over 340 on your first run.  It's that or less depending on how much you find and do in the game.

Im still playing some GOW just to mix it up some but will see how long or how many I get through before the year ends.