Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tap Titans

I picked this game up a few weeks ago on my Android phone.  I usually don't use my phone for games but I've been trying to find one for when I have a min just to pass the time.  Low and behold, I found Tap Titans. 

I wasn't expecting to get into this game but it sucks you in.  It's just a simple tap the screen game.  That's all you do when you first start.  The game doesn't give you any help and you will have to learn things as you go.

It doesn't take long that you'll see the money dropped will let you upgrade your attack.  Then you'll see a new pop up after earning enough to buy your first helper.  After a little more upgrading you'll see you keep getting more helpers to help you kill Titans.  Following that you will see you can unlock skills the higher your level goes so you unlock that and you have to minimize the menu to see your ability to use them.  They have a timer after you use them until you can use them again.  Finally you'll realize you can also upgrade your helpers which each one unlocks their own abilities.

As you can see, a lot happens in the first few minutes of the game.  It's simple but it adds depth the more you play.

Fast forwarding to level 600, yes level 600, you will get the ability to prestige.  Once you prestige you unlock even more things to do.  Artifacts become available to help you, you'll figure out you can click on your character in the menu where items can be purchased for your hero.  Which you also unlockout items depending on what you do in the game and you'll unlock the tournament mode.  Which to me will drive you to play it more within one day than you would normally do.  Then you'll figure out that your helpers can get weapons to help them. 

They do add items to help you.  A fairy comes out every so often and drops a chest with a random perk to help you.  Some of these involve watching ads to get the perk.  Some are long (50 secs) to short (10 secs) ones.  It's worth the reward but you can skip them. 

They have a daily challenge to beat a boss which gives you a better reward each day.

They also have achievements which will give you diamonds by accomplishing things in the game.  Some examples are how many times you've tapped, your highest stage, how many times you've prestiged, etc...

Mentioning prestige, don't be afraid to do it.  It resets everything back to 0 and you start on stage 1 again.  However you do keep your unlocked perks so you do get stronger.  Another good reason is that's when you get artifacts.  The only other time it's when you hit stage 80 and you get 1 every 10 stages.  You get a lot more when you prestige.  You also have to prestige when you join a tournament.  Overall the main reason you don't need to worry about dropping back to the beginning is that it takes you way less time to get right back where you were.  It really does fly by when you can kill the early stage Titans in 1 hit.

The last thing I'll bring up is the friend icon at the top.  When you go in you will see your friend code at the bottom.  If you
have a friend that starts playing, get their code or have them add yours.  When they are your friend, you can invite them into a party to chat but it also puts their character on your screen.  Whenever they are tapping it also taps on your screen.  So you can get help on taking down Titans.  I've only had 2 on my screen at once and they do damage to the amount your hero does.  Its still cool and helpful.  I'm up for adding more people, so if you want to add me, my friend code is zoly40v.

Overall, this simple tapping game grows into more than just typing and they did an excellent job on this game.