Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dying Light

Well after finally going back to this game it didn't take me that long to finish.  Even finding all the collectibles didn't take very long using guides online.

What took forever was finding three other players to play online with through five quests.  I tried to randomly find games online but that is where Dying Light had its biggest flaw.  It randomly puts you in a game.  You can't see the games and you have no control over who's game you join.  Also depending on where you are on the map will determine the amount of people on the area you can connect to. 

To say the least, the majority of the games I jumped in only had 1 player. Around 50% would just be standing there doing nothing.  So getting an achievement where you can't find enough people randomly online to play with just isn't going to work.

I asked all my friends but most had either finished the game or gotten rid of it.  Only had one that still had it.

So I setup some True Achievement events that nobody ever joined.  I was making them 1 day after the next.  So I finally made one 3 days out.  A friend who had it but had never played jumped in and a random person joined.  Luckily my 1 friend who did still have it said he would break away from Fallout 4 to help me and he made my 4th person I needed.

We had issues connecting all 4 of us initially but we finally all got in together.  I finished my last achievement to get all 1000 points in the game.

I did get 1 DLC achievement in one of the updates but I'm not going after the other 2 in it.  Plus I'm not buying the other DLC released for it either.

So I'm officially done with this game.

The game was good.  If you like Dead Island, you'll enjoy this game.  It's basically the same thing.  Once you're done though, replaying it can only go so far.