Sunday, December 6, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront

I've been wrapped up playing Star Wars Battlefront since it came out.  Been skipping TV shows and everything else to play it whenever I can.  So I haven't even thought of posting on here.

I was hoping to have a bunch of friends playing it so I bought it for that aspect too.  I saw a bunch of friends playing it that first week and I've got to play with a few different people.  Even hooked up with some that weren't on my list that I haven't seen for awhile.  The following week though, most fell off and were playing other games.  I guess Fallout 4 just has more appeal along with some other new games that just released.

Ive been doing pretty good on the achievements and was getting at least one a day up until I got sick from a stomach virus.  I didn't play at all and over the next 2 weeks it was short spans of when I played because I just wasn't up to it.

People are playing still but not as often as I thought they would be.  Black Ops 3 still dominates my list of games being played followed up by Destiny.

I've played the single player a good bit.  I've got all the stars for the training missions along withe the achievements associated with them.  I've found all the diamonds on every board in Battle and Survivilists.  Also beat them all on easy.  Got a couple done on hard. It finishing hard without using a heart, even with a coop partner, is really hard to do.  I haven't even tried Master yet.

The game looks fantastic.  Being able to play on both sides, fly, speeder bikes, drive AT-ST's and AT-AT's.  They game is really fun to play.  However some people are really good or doing something as they just dominate the game.  I can't figure out how someone can be that good.

While unlocking cards I didn't realize I could upgrade my cards.  Having them cool down faster really helps. It getting to 7000 to upgrade them takes awhile.  Especially when you still haven't unlocked all the cards.  I just realized the other day there is 4th slot for a trait slot.  It upgrades itself during the match for how good you do.  Those cards can be really handy.

So it's getting close to playing time again.  Later!