Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recover Your True Achievement Guides

Thanks to Fafhrdd he showed me a cool way to get my guides back or at least a good amount of them.  So yeah for bringing back my Ace Combat 6 guides I wrote up with much detail that I couldn't do without replaying the game again.

So here is what you do.  Bring up

Type in:

ZeroDesolation -forum "achievement in"

Of course change my gamertag to yours and click Search.

Just look for the links with "achievement in" on the subject line and not in the text below it.  When you find one, right click and open in new tab or window, and scroll down to see if your guide is still there.  If it's not, on that link you just clicked on, bring up the cached info at the end of the text on that link.  It will have your guide in it.  Just copy and paste it on the other tab/window and save it to put your guide back where it was.

It might take a few pages to get through and find them but it will be worth it and you'll be done before you know it.

Thanks Fafhrdd!

UPDATE 10/5/10
DJP519 let me know that if you can't find all your solutions on Google to do the same thing on Bing and you might find your missing guides.  Also to note you better do it sooner than later because once they run a new update on those pages, your guides will be gone as the new cached info will be the current page.  At which point your guides will be non recoverable.