Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Hunger Games

My wife had been wanting to read a book along side me and this is the book we started reading on.

I must say Suzanne Collins did good job in writing this book.  It's still popping back up in my head even after finishing it almost 2 weeks ago.  So it has to be descent if it does that to me.

I'm pretty much going to spoil some of the story but I'll try to sum it up instead of telling it all so you'll want to read it

The book is based off in the future a little ways and there are different cities that have still survived but nobody really goes out into the wilderness.  They all stay in the city but this one girl goes and hunts in the wilderness to survive.  However nobody seems to live extraordinary lives but maybe a few people in the city.

The girl is the main focus in the book and she takes the place of her sister for this hunger game where they drew her name.  The main city hosts these games every year to prove a point of not revolting and get to the point of destroying each other.  Which is pointed out in the past and one city is completely destroyed from a war.  The Hunger Games puts 2 young kids from each city in an arena and they fight until all but one is dead.  The arena is by no means small.  It's a huge area and is sectioned off.  They have cameras everywhere and flying hovercraft machines that just appear out of no where to collect the dead bodies.

Before the games start up though it builds up the contestants and they try to win the heart of the crowd to get sponsors to receive items in the arena.  It's a good build up and you can tell the main city is better off than any other city around.

You will learn during the fighting and the talks that all the other cities are like the main city you started out in where most people are starving all the time and are barely making it by.

Of course since the book is focused on the girl, you know she wins but it's not the normal winning that happens.  Which is when the real games begin and the book ends when they arrive back in their home city.

Which makes you really want to read the next couple of books to see where this will end up and play out.

Definitely worth the read if you like reading books.