Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finished Reading Inheritance

Inheritance was a really good book.  The whole series is worth reading.  I read for a straight week when ever I was able too for this last book.  I was disappointed that the green dragon on the front did not hatch until the end of the book.  That was the biggest disappointment to me.  I was expecting something else to happen but I guess if it had hatched early it would have died from having to fight at too young of an age.

Overall, the book will pull you in as you read.  When it gets into the fights going on, it swaps between the different people to keep up with what is going on.  It can get old in that atrospect but I guess it's to keep you aware of what's going on without having to backtrack too much in the story so everything is on the same timeline.

Now that the book is finished, Thanksgiving is here and I'll go back to playing some games again.  See you online.