Friday, November 11, 2011

New Home Worries

Well, yesterday made 2 weeks living in my new house and we've ran into two big issues.

First one is I had a wet spot show up in the middle of the floor with nothing else wet on the floor, walls or anywhere.  Was about to fork out money to rip up floor to see if I had a cracked pipe in the slab.  Thankfully I found out someone we knew was a plumber.  He came over and after a little bit of being baffled, we finally figured it out.  We had the faucet fixed in the 2nd bathroom and it seems they broke the seal in it when fixing it.  So when the tub or shower was running, it was running back out into the hole in the tube.  Which then means there is a crack in the foundation and the water ran to the point of where it had to come up, which would be the spot on the floor.  Luckily replacing just the faucet fixed the problem.

The second issue that arose was the frig got warm and everything started thawing out.  I came home during lunch and vacuumed all the old nasty dust that has been building up on the very old frig for a long time.  That includes the back and taking of the cover to get inside it.  I also couldn't move the handle for the freezer dial.  When I did finally get it to move, something broke off two different times.  It was ice.  Looks like it has frozen over.  So it was thawing out and by the time my wife got home, she said it was actually running as before hand it wasn't running at all.

So God pulled threw and helped us out big time.

I do know what new frig I'm going to buy next year.  Scoped one out at Lowe's during all this.  I'm ready for the new frig but it'll be next year before that happens.