Friday, November 11, 2011

This is How You Drop Your Percentage

It seems every time I make it to 90% I end up loading up games and dropping back down a long way to the point of will I ever finish all these games.  So let me list up all the games I have and will have before 2011 ends.

Luckily I'm about to finish Sims 3, so that one is soon to be off my list.  Only 30 wishes to go.  Whoot Whoot !!

While working on Sims 3, 2 games put out DLC to bring me down out of the 90% range.  First up was Pinball FX 2.  New tables, more achievements, and it just doesn't seem to end with this arcade game.  Next was Kinectimals.  I was really surprised to see them add new content to this game.  Now it has bears and with my daughters school being a panda bear, it's a game I have to go buy again to finish off the DLC.  Plus for her to play with a Panda Bear.

Not too long out, we traded in games and bought Wipeout for the kids.  My youngest finally popped two achievements in the game, so my % took a massive hit with that.

Me and the wife were playing Dungeon Siege 3 but no achievements have popped yet in that game but when one does, another drop.  One that will take some time to recover from with how long it will take to finish this game.

We recently just got Twister and we finally played it today.  Nothing has popped yet but it will.  In which another drop in %.

We also just got Just Dance 3 and Just Dance 2 for Kids.  Dance games don't give you achievements quickly at all so this is going to be another long haul for these two games.

Just ordered Dance Central 2 and it should be arriving in the mail with in the week.  As I said before, another huge achievement hit on my %.  Which Dance Central is still hurting me and I'm going to have to work on that as well since the wife isn't.

Today I just bought Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7.  I've also go to go back and finish up Lego Star Wars 3 as they gave me a hit on my percentage already that I haven't recovered from.  Lego games are short but they are quicker than dance games, that's for sure.

Next month I will be buying GOW3 and Dead Island without a doubt.

Luckily Eye Pet 2 is on the PS3 or that would have been another hit.

I'm still unsure if we are going to purchase Sims 3 Pets yet.  If that one comes to light, then that's going to hurt as well.

Fafhrdd and Lady Death 13 are wanting to get the Operation Flash Point: Red River game to hit up the second game in that series.  So I will be looking to get that game soon as well if I can.

As you can see, which I'm not going back to count all those games I just mentioned, but I might seriously drop below 80% by the time all these games are loaded up with achievements.  I'll be working all next year trying to finish them off and that's if I don't by anymore new games.  Which you know I will.  So I like keeping a high percentage on all my games, at least to a point but I'm slightly discouraged at the amount of work I'm about to dive into in order to regain it all back. 

Oh yea, lets not forget any arcade games I buy or play that I already own.  As I have quite a few arcade games I haven't even started or loaded up that I've bought already.

It's a never ending cycle I tell ya.

So if you want to kill your percentage and set yourself for a long haul of work to be done to regain it all.  Just do what I'm doing and you'll accomplish that goal with ease!