Thursday, January 10, 2013

Clash of Clans on Clans Plus My New Base Design

Well, this happened 2 weekends ago now but it's something worth bringing up.  Especially if you are just randomly joining a clan in Clash of Clans.

I initially joined a clan and was promoted to elder.  Well, someone got in, got elder and kicked everyone out then left.  You would figure after a 2nd time, a 3rd wouldn't happen.  Well it did so a few of us joined up, left and started our own clan.  Been in that clan ever since and was helping to keep it running.  Well about 2 weeks before I was kicked out, the clan leader started changing how they ran things, kicked people out who we're active and wasn't sticking to any word they said.  I wasn't the only one noticing this so I decided to uphold one thing they said they were going to do and didn't.  Anyone under 1200 trophies by Jan 1st was gone.  Leader wanted to move up on leader board so everyone needed to move up in trophies.

I'll will add a blurb in here that you hit slumps in this game where passing a certain level in trophies and upgrading something like your town hall becomes very hard to do.  So you will set at that spot for a good while until you finally break through that barrier.  Getting town hall 6 will be your first.

So back to me kicking people out under 1200 trophies.  I kicked 5 out that I never saw on and were on the bottom of our list.  Granted there were 10 more under 1200 but I didn't touch them as I knew they were all trying.  So I stepped away for about 30 minutes and upon getting back into game, the clan leader had kicked me out.  Didn't talk, didn't understand or want to listen, just, POOF, I was gone.  I really hope some members left because of that but I have no way of knowing.  I'll miss the people I talked to on a constant basis as it was always fun.

I jumped into a clan temporarily to help out until I found a better one.  Which, when I joined, I let the guy know that up front.  Finally found one and they are family oriented, higher level and are great people.  They are all mostly US based so on around the times that I would be on.  So ill be sticking around in this one for awhile.  They are very helpful.

So when you join a clan, make sure it's one where everyone donates so you can always fill your clan castle up.  Don't ask for elder because if you are always around, eventually you will get it if you really want it.  It's not that important to have though.  The clan mates are way more important.

I'm currently on town hall 8 in the game.  Here is a picture of what my setup was before I tried out this new design a new clan mate has.

This new design I'm using is to help keep the wall breakers away but I have learned that someone with level 5 or 4 troops can get through and still take a lot of resources from me.  I really need level 7 walls to really slow them down with this setup.  the pink walls in the picture cost 75,000 but to upgrade the pink wall, which is level 6 to 7, they cost 200,000 a piece.  That is no light feat to accomplish.  In this picture below I'm going to try moving my town hall outside my wall so if someone comes in, takes it out for the 1 star and leaves with victory, I'll get a 12 hour shield and not lose any resources.  I'm crossing my fingers on that happening some.  Normally it would be in the middle, the middle bottom two storages would back out to where the two builder huts are and the builder huts would move back to beside town hall.  So will see how things work out.