Friday, January 11, 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM

I've been playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Facebook game since it came out.  I don't play on a constant bassis but it's nice to be able to play random people with their decks.  Which this isn't quite the same as playing the actual Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG but something is better than nothing when you enjoyed something a whole bunch.

They just did an upgrade to the layout and I like it better than the old design.  So props for them actually fixing it up.

I am hating they are putting cards on last chance to where you can't buy them anymore.  I doubt buying the packs is really going to be advantages for me and might push me away from the game.  It's already hard enough to beat someone who has spent money on the game.  You can tell when you play someone and they have all high level cards.  I'm just not going to spend any money on this in that regards.  If it was the actual game and not this modified version, I would have considered it more.  So will see how all this works out in the end.

I finallly spent all my coins and currency buying cards I wanted but with the last chance cards I spent the money on a card I hadn't planned to buy because it was worth buying the other card I wanted.  So will see if I can't earn enough of the DP in the game to buy the card I wanted to buy to help my do what I wanted it to do.

Here is a pic of what my deck use to be:

This is the new deck I'm going to try out.

It still needs some work but I've gotta start somewhere with it.  In the picture, the 2nd card from the left in the middle row I really need 2 of them for this deck.  However, the bottom right card is well worth more than buying a 2nd of those.  So will see if I can get up to enough DP to buy that 2nd one and go from there.