Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lego Lord of the Rings

I finished up Lego Lord of the Rings last night after being stuck for 3 days trying to figure out if the game had glitched on me or not.  Before I get into that, I'll go into how the game is.

They did an excellent job on this game.  It covers the entire story and they hit the main points with all the cinematic parts.  If you somehow haven't never watched Lord of the Rings, you will get the story pretty good.

They do have the talking like Lego Batman 2 in this one which I think is a great addition to game.  The comedy for this one isn't a much compared to previous titles though.  They do still have them but it just wasn't the full funny effect like I'm use to seeing.

You will run into some glitches in the game.  There seems to be a few, especially looking at some online stuff.  I actually fell into the water and even though I died, I lived and was under the water where I was stuck walking around and couldn't do anything.  The biggest one that I was stuck on for 3 days, which I had hit before but it just never clicked until I did something to make me think of it, is when you pick up the scavenger items.  There are 3 per board.  You need to use someone from the fellowship of the ring to pick them up.  If not and you pick one up with say gollum, you'll see him carrying it around like you got it but it never registers that you got it.  If you can drop it and pick it up with another character from the fellowship, it will register and finally count.  I had done this on mount doom and it was down to me getting that to get 4 achievements in the game from the 1 item I needed to finish off and get all the rest.

My kids are really enjoying playing this game as well.  They go back and play all the lego games but I see them going back to play this one more and more like Lego Pirates of the Carribean and Indiana Jones.  It's just fun to play.

So now that I've finished this game, which is the first for 2013 for me, I am back to 100% of the Lego games compelete again.  Now I've got to wait to see what they put out next.